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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness can be defined as awareness of present experience (moment to moment) with acceptance. Mindfulness in action, apart from the meditative practice itself ideally happens in everyday living. However, to harvest the benefits, it requires practice to expand skills, awareness of self – and others. There is no choice but to walk the walk. Initially, it is important to receive proper guidance to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Great care should be taken in finding a meditation instructor.

The practice can be divided into four stages: Breath Meditation, Mindfulness and the Body, Mindfulness and Emotions, and Loving Kindness – Compassion. The aim of meditative practice is getting to know ourselves, promoting an intimate, nurturing relationship, and by doing so ending seemingly never-ending internal conflicts, overthinking, self-doubts residing deep within, and too often lead to self-destructive actions keeping us stuck in a space of dis-approval and resignation.

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